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  • LinkedIn names Neo, AltaML, PurposeMed, and Summit Nanotech among Canada’s top 15 startups

LinkedIn names Neo, AltaML, PurposeMed, and Summit Nanotech among Canada’s top 15 startups

Alberta’s tech star is shining brightly.

Four Alberta companies were named to LinkedIn’s Top Startups list for 2023. It’s another sign that Alberta’s tech star is shining brightly amidst a precarious global economic environment.

The Alberta startups recognized are Neo Financial (#1), AltaML (#7), Purpose Med (#8), and Summit Nanotech (#12). Neo Financial is the only returning company to the list. It was also ranked #1 last year.

According to LinkedIn, the companies chosen this year “have trailblazed their way through recent economic and workplace challenges — and managed to stand out to investors and top talent along the way.”

Meet the top Alberta startups.

Neo Financial

Neo Financial provides financial services for consumers and businesses. The company’s suite of products, which include credit, savings, investments, and mortgages, aims to make financial tools accessible, intuitive, and rewarding for Canadians.

The Calgary-based company has nearly 700 employees.


For organizations that want to leverage their data, AltaML develops AI-powered solutions that create operational efficiency, reduce risk, and generate new sources of revenue.

The Edmonton-based company has 130 employees.


PurposeMed aims to improve access to complex care for underserved communities by re-imagining how healthcare works by combining top clinicians with smart design and technology.

The Calgary-based company has 170 employees.

Summit Nanotech

Summit Nanotech is a cleantech organization transforming how the world accesses lithium for the global energy transition.

The Calgary-based company has 90 employees.

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To create the top startups list, LinkedIn said it reviewed data across the pillars of employee growth; jobseeker interest; engagement within the company and its employees; and “how well these startups pulled talent from our flagship LinkedIn Top Companies list.” To be eligible, companies had to be five years old or younger.