Fillip Fleet earns $5M in seed round

Calgary company sees 300 percent year-over-year growth in processing volume.

Digital payment company Fillip Fleet has closed its $5 million seed round, led by Toronto-based Staircase Ventures.

The Calgary-based outfit provides businesses operating fleets in Canada with a digital fuel payment and tracking solution. Using a digital fuel card, accompanied by a live, in-app map for drivers to find nearby gas stations, Fillip Fleet can be used wherever Visa is accepted.

The solution saves drivers — and accounting departments — the pain of tracking gas station receipts and ordering new or lost cards.

“We know the need for fuel management, business efficiency, and digitization is more important than ever before, and we are laser-focused on scaling Fillip Fleet and providing a modern solution for businesses in these inflationary times,” says CEO Alice Reimer, .

But the funding isn’t just a milestone for Fillip Fleet — it also marks Staircase Venture’s first early-stage investment in the Canadian tech industry.

Founded by veteran investor and entrepreneur Janet Bannister, the early-stage venture capital firm will play an active role in Fillip Fleet’s growth, with Bannister joining on as an advisor and member of the board of directors.

“I was really drawn to Fillip Fleet’s innovative approach to mobility solutions – no one else is providing this kind of software to the fleet industry in Canada,” says Bannister. “And once I met Alice and the team, I was sold. They are a dynamic, resilient and forward-thinking team. Alice Reimer is a trailblazer and has a track record of building and leading successful companies.”