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Welcome to the Midweek Memo.

Welcome to the Midweek Memo: a weekly digest of the city’s top tech events, personnel moves, job openings, and industry opportunities.

Before we get into this, check out the results from the Weekly Poll: On Sunday, we asked if startups in Toronto have an advantage over those in other ecosystems. Seventy-seven percent of you said yes.

Your insights:

  • “A lot of the experienced talent has moved or already lived in Toronto. Getting them to want to move out is difficult.”

  • “BC got on the tech train in the late 1980's by encouraging large tech players to set up shop as well as the software gaming. Alberta's tech community is newer and growing. It takes time to build the eco system, we are moving quickly and we have several advantages over GTA & lower Mainland of BC. These advantages should be actively promoted by government and the private sector. That's how we pivot from a single natural resource based economy to a diversified economy that provides opportunities for people.”

Now, onto your Midweek Memo…

Calgary Tech Events

  • Designed for investors and professionals interested in the world of finance, this event offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share investment insights and strategies, and build valuable relationships in the investment community.

  • Join the July Virtual Open House to learn more about two programs starting in September.

    • Tech Adjacent Program - Designed to equip you with the essential competencies needed to thrive in roles closely connected to and supportive of the dynamic world of technology, all without the requirement of any technical expertise.

    • Full Stack Developer - Don't just learn to code, build off your foundational knowledge of programming and become a well-rounded full stack software developer who can bring ideas to life.

  • After an intense 24 hour agriculture hackathon, join for the resulting Agrithon Pitches and Networking Reception

  • Network with fellow agrifood tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and potential collaborators during the reception following the pitches.

Calgary Tech Thursday | Every Thursday

  • Upcoming events include a tech stampede celebration, a panel on the future of AR/VR, and a surprise at the Pioneer.

Founders Coffee | Every Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Founders Coffee is every Tuesday at 7:30 am in Calgary and every Wednesday at 9:00 am Edmonton.

  • Hosted by Peer Guidance, this morning get together is for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

Calgary Tech Jobs

Calgary Tech Moves

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