Is your business ready for a cyberattack?

Plus, jobs at the Venture Monitoring Service of Alberta and Platform Calgary

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  • Connect with local entrepreneurs and investors at Startup TNT’s weekly happy hour events in Edmonton and Calgary.

  • Join every Thursday to meet a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals and engage in conversations about latest trends and strategies.

  • Join this conversation about how to leverage data in order to build enterprise LLM's, co-hosted by the YYC Data Society.

  • Panelists are Clark Lai, Chief Executive Officer at Motiv and Mike Morley, Director of AI/ML Technology at Arcurve.

  • Research from Wharton shows that Networked Founders will produce the largest profit margins, generate the most revenue growth, and are more scalable than traditional start-ups. Think of Uber, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor. All billion-dollar companies have scaled fast because of being Networked.

  • And it's not just about 'networking'. Networked Founders lead with the principle of helping others, creating relationships, and building collaborative partnerships, both inside and outside your company.

  • For founders, this is more than a strategy; it's a game-changer.

  • This Tech Thursday talk brings together folks who work in cleantech in Calgary.

  • The panel features:

  • Cyberattacks can be devastating to a business. It can be expensive and time-consuming to remedy and lead to severe reputational consequences, inhibiting growth. Moreover, cybersecurity has now become the forefront of discussions among leaders, board members, and insurance entities.

  • Having a robust plan to protect your business leads to more trust from stakeholders and makes your business more attractive to potential customers and investors.

  • Join Charles Buchanan, founder of Technology Helps, to learn about the importance of cybersecurity in a startup journey and how you can better prepare your ventures for any future cybersecurity challenges.

  • Join this monthly meetup at the Social Innovation Hub to hear the stories of founders and the impact their startups are making.

  • This month, the group is joined by Lourdes Juan for some behind-the-scenes storytelling of Knead Technology, a software company that enables scalable food recovery solutions so less food goes to waste.

  • During the event, Lourdes will reflect on her journey as a founder and Knead Technology's approach to the $1.3 billion global challenge of food waste.

  • Join peers in person or online for two days jam-packed with digital marketing best practices, latest trends, practical solutions, strategy, and networking.

  • Plus, check out the next generation of technology and innovation: internet, mobile, adtech, martech, and SaaS technology.

  • Get ready for the ultimate tech extravaganza at The Grand Tech Conference, where innovation, networking, and mind-blowing presentations collide.

  • Whether you're pioneering the next big thing or looking to elevate your existing venture, the Grand Tech Conference provides a unique platform to connect with industry leaders, gain insights from successful entrepreneurs, and showcase your startup to a global audience.

Inventures 2024 | May 29-31

  • Take part in three days with the brightest minds, angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from across the globe that are solving the most critical issues of our time.

  • Inventures 2024 content tracks are:

    • Growing up: Food tech, farm to fork

    • Earth tech: Building everything better

    • Tech triathlon: Quantum + AI + IoT

    • Entrepreneurship: Accelerating scale-up

    • Blurring boundaries: Tech at work

    • Live long, live well: Unveiling health data

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