More funding wanted for Albertan entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Midweek Memo.


Welcome to the Midweek Memo: a weekly digest of the city’s top tech events, personnel moves, job openings, and industry opportunities.

Before we get into this, check out the results from the Weekly Poll: On Sunday, we asked what support Albertan entrepreneurs need to start and scale their businesses. Sixty-two percent of you said “readily available funds” was most important.

From the community:

“The money is there, it’s the willingness to deploy it that is needed. Education for the investment community is required as well as the courage to become less risk averse in this area.” - Mike

“Very few seed stage funds in Alberta, combined with significant competition.” - Stephen

Now, onto your Midweek Memo…

Calgary Tech Events

  • Tailored exclusively for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, this session offers valuable insights into key principles and best practices, driving sustainable growth and success.

  • This session is part of the Founders Lunch Series’ monthly events, presented by Innovate Calgary, to connect entrepreneurs, foster knowledge sharing, and inspire collaboration.

  • After an intense 24 hour agriculture hackathon, join for the resulting Agrithon Pitches and Networking Reception

  • Network with fellow agrifood tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and potential collaborators during the reception following the pitches.

Calgary Tech Thursday | Every Thursday

  • Upcoming events include a tech stampede celebration, a panel on the future of AR/VR, and a surprise at the Pioneer.

Founders Coffee | Every Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Founders Coffee is every Tuesday at 7:30 am in Calgary and every Wednesday at 9:00 am Edmonton.

  • Hosted by Peer Guidance, this morning get together is for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

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Microsoft co-founder’s $1.5B+ sale highlights “Safe Haven” asset

Last November, Paul Allen’s historic art collection shattered the record for largest-ever sale in auction history.

The fact that the blue-chip art market is still setting records amid major drawdowns in financial markets, and macroeconomic turmoil, highlights why it can be such a strong alternative diversifier. In fact, the high-end art market also remained resilient through downturns like the dot-com bubble and Great Financial Crisis in 2008.

But this time around, it’s not just billionaires benefitting.

Thanks to Masterworks. This award-winning investment platform allows people to invest in shares of multi-million dollar art by names like Banksy and Picasso. So far, all 11 of Masterworks’ sales have been profitable, the last 3 realizing 10.4%, 35%, and 13.9% net returns respectively.

Due to high demand, offerings can sell out in just minutes, but Calgary Tech Journal readers can now skip the waitlist with this referral link.

Calgary Tech Jobs


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Brilliant has thousands of quick, visual, interactive lessons that get you hands-on with cutting-edge topics - from foundational math to AI, data science, neural networks, and more.

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“Net Return" refers to the annualized internal rate of return net of all fees and costs, calculated from the offering closing date to the date the sale is consummated. IRR may not be indicative of Masterworks paintings not yet sold and past performance is not indicative of future results. See important Regulation A disclosures at