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Before we get into this, check out the results from our weekly poll: On Sunday, we quizzed you on which type of renewable energy Amazon is investing in in Alberta. Fifty-six percent of you guessed right: The tech giant is building its first Canadian wind farm in Alberta.

Now, on to your Midweek Memo…

  • Explore the stories of visionary entrepreneurs who dared to turn blueprints into reality.

  • Hear firsthand about their trials and triumphs, innovative solutions, and the industry-specific strategies that have driven their success.

  • Presented by Innovate Calgary, this event is a part of the Founders Lunch Series monthly events that aim to empower and support entrepreneurs.


Three reasons to ditch traditional expense reports (and a better alternative)

Expense reports have long been a staple of corporate financial management, but their drawbacks are increasingly hard to ignore. Here are three reasons why your company should consider ditching them:

  1. Time-consuming: Preparing and reviewing expense reports is a time-intensive process. Employees spend valuable hours documenting expenses and managers must painstakingly review each submission.

  2. Error-prone: Manual entry often leads to errors, from miscalculated amounts to missing receipts. These mistakes can result in inaccurate financial records and potential compliance issues.

  3. Lack of real-time visibility: Expense reports provide a retrospective view of spending, making it challenging to track expenses in real time. This delay can hinder proactive cost control.

Float offers a better alternative - one that both finance teams and employees prefer. To learn more visit the website.

  • Join this monthly meetup at the Social Innovation Hub to hear the stories of founders and the impact their startups are making.

  • This month, hear from Shannae Delancy for some behind-the-scenes storytelling of Care in a Pinch, a pop-up childcare solution to support families at events, training sessions, and more.

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