Women-powered innovation in Calgary

Plus, a pitch competition for newcomer founders

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Before we get into this, check out the results from our weekly poll: On Sunday, we quizzed you on how much of a pay gap Canadian women in tech face. Only 10% of you got it right – our female tech innovators are facing a $20,000 pay gap.

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Innovation Week | Nov. 15-23

  • Innovation Week brings the tech community – from the tech-curious, to seasoned entrepreneurs and investors – together in celebration of all that’s happening in Calgary right now.

  • Innovation Week features content tracks oriented around key areas of a scaling tech ecosystem and entrepreneurial journey to help attendees organize their Innovation Week schedule and tailor their experience

  • Join a dynamic exploration of innovation and leadership with Toast and The51, where a panel will delve into the world of women-powered innovation, celebrating the trailblazing women who are reshaping the tech landscape and ask, what’s next?

  • Presented by Alberta Innovates, Scaleup GAP: Entrepreneurs Unplugged is an event celebrating Global Entrepreneurs Month designed for tech startup founders in Alberta

  • Scaleup GAP offers a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse community of tech entrepreneurs, seasoned startup advisors, mentors, and industry experts

  • The event features two in-depth discussions:

    • The Founder Panel shares unfiltered stories of lessons and triumphs from founders and how they used the program to help accelerate their companies growth

    • The Mentor Panel provides essential guidance for startup success from expert Scaleup GAP staff

  • Join Goodlawyer, ElevateIP, and the Calgary Innovation Coalition on November 21st at Goodlawyer's new headquarters in the Telus Sky for an advanced discussion on intellectual property.

  • Learn how to protect your intellectual property affordably, find the right IP lawyer for you, develop a tailored IP strategy, gain a competitive edge, and attract investors.

  • The group will discuss how the Elevate IP program offers a $50,000 subsidy to innovative Canadian businesses.


Expense reports have long been a staple of corporate financial management, but their drawbacks are increasingly hard to ignore. Here are 3 reasons why your company should consider ditching them:

  1. Time-Consuming: Preparing & reviewing expense reports is a time-intensive process. Employees spend valuable hours documenting expenses and managers must painstakingly review each submission.

  2. Error-Prone: Manual entry often leads to errors, from miscalculated amounts to missing receipts. These mistakes can result in inaccurate financial records and potential compliance issues.

  3. Lack of Real-Time Visibility: Expense reports provide a retrospective view of spending, making it challenging to track expenses in real time. This delay can hinder proactive cost control.

Float offers a better alternative - one that both finance teams and employees prefer. To learn more visit the website.

  • This event is part of the BIPOC and Rural Tech Founders event series, which is dedicated to fostering greater access to the innovation sector by accelerating startup companies led by diverse founders.

  • The event will also feature:

    • A resource fair

    • Networking opportunities

    • Refreshments

  • Innovation Week 2023 will wrap by highlighting some of Calgary’s most promising startups at Launch Party — the largest startup-focused showcase of the year.

  • 2,000+ people will come together to celebrate Calgary’s tech community and put a spotlight on 10 startups that made their mark this last year. Hundreds of companies have been showcased at Launch Party over the years, including big names like SkipTheDishes, StellarAlgo, Orpyx, Virtual Gurus, Red Iron Labs, and more.

  • Join over 25 educational sessions covering the industries biggest trends

  • Attend keynotes with industry leaders before networking with fellow attendees

  • Speak directly with vendors and see tech in action with live demonstrations

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