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Welcome to the Midweek Memo: a weekly digest of the city’s top tech events, personnel moves, job openings, and industry opportunities.

Before we get into this, check out the results from our weekly poll: On Sunday, we asked you how many tonnes of CO² is Canada’s yearly food waste equivalent to. Fifty percent of you guessed big with 50 million tonnes. The correct answer: 9.8 million tonnes.

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Startup TNT Happy Hour | Every Thursday

  • Connect with local entrepreneurs and investors at Startup TNT’s weekly happy hour events in Edmonton and Calgary.

  • Join every Thursday to meet a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals and engage in conversations about latest trends and strategies.

  • This panel is bringing together folks who have been a part of sales teams at startups.

  • Hear from:

  • Join this roundtable discussion at the Upper Bound conference in Edmonton to explore critical questions about the future of the labour market and gender equality. Hear about whether AI is being used to bridge gender gaps or if it's inadvertently perpetuating them.

  • ​Engage in this vital conversation about bias and gender in AI with experts from various backgrounds. Don't miss the chance to contribute to shaping an inclusive future. 

  • Speakers include:

    • Maryna Moskalenko, Director, Business Intelligence, OEG Inc.

    • Deanna Brousseau, Director of People and Talent, AltaML

    • Sacha Davis, Machine Learning Consultant, Alberta Health Services

    • Nasimeh Asgarian, Data Scientist, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

    • Moderated by: Dani Strang, CEO, Maggie

  • ​Please note: You do not need an UpperBound pass to attend this FREE session. 

  • Are you a startup founder looking to infuse your team with fresh ideas, energy, and cost-effective talent?

  • Internships could be the game-changer your organization needs. However, finding the right match and seamlessly integrating interns into your dynamic startup environment can be daunting. In this event, dive into the crucial strategies and best practices for successful internship recruitment and management explicitly tailored for startups.

  • This panel is bringing together folks on two sides of the backend infrastructure aisle.

  • Speakers are:

  • Join the Talent Meets Opportunity (TMO) mixer, hosted by Alberta Innovates, on May 28, 2024, at the Marriott, Downtown Calgary. This event connects industry leaders, innovators, and support providers with trainees — from undergrad to the postdoctoral level — who are eager to explore new trajectories and apply their skills in real-world settings. 

  • Why attend?

    • Showcase your company or innovation work

    • Meet top talent

    • Build meaningful connections

Inventures 2024 | May 29-31

  • Take part in three days with the brightest minds, angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from across the globe that are solving the most critical issues of our time.

  • Inventures 2024 content tracks are:

    • Growing up: Food tech, farm to fork

    • Earth tech: Building everything better

    • Tech triathlon: Quantum + AI + IoT

    • Entrepreneurship: Accelerating scale-up

    • Blurring boundaries: Tech at work

    • Live long, live well: Unveiling health data

  • This panel focuses on advances in technology enhanced threat mitigation for AML.

  • Hear from:

Fintech Drinks | June 25

  • The quarterly Fintech Drinks is a collaborative social gathering bringing together the fintech community. These events are meant to facilitate exchanges, sparking new symbiotic relationships with fintech enthusiasts from all backgrounds.

  • This quarter’s topic? Crafting a trustworthy and resilient fintech brand for Canadians.

  • Speakers include:

    • Tate Hackert, President and Founder, Zayzoon

    • Sandi Gilbert, Founder, DealPoint & CEO, InterGen

    • David MacLean, Head of Marketing, Neo Financial

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